About Us

Cleo Nash has been building Vain Intimates since her Junior year In college. She dreamed of owning a size inclusive brand that truly catered to most sizes. Seeing as Cleo wears extended plus sizes, she knows the struggle of finding cute and affordable clothing. Since she graduated in 2020, she has been hard at work making her dream, become a reality.


Cleo had originally created the brand as a mock up company for a college project. After hours and hours of research she had a realization there was a huge disconnect in the fashion industry when it came to size inclusivity. After Cleo graduated college she knew she had to make this project a reality!

In 2021 she put pen to paper and got to work. Starting as a small business and with  little money to her name, she did what she could because she knew there was a large niche market out there that needed her. With the help of Cleo’s peers she started building her first collection. Today, She works hard to design new and creative garments so every individual can feel beautiful within themselves!